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Biografi :
Aerosmith adalah kelompok musik rock Amerika Serikat, dibentuk di Boston, Massachusetts. Tiga anggotanya, Steven Tallarico (Tyler), Joe Perry dan Tom Hamilton bertemu di Sunapee, New Hampshire pada akhir 1960-an, namun tidak langsung membentuk band.

Tyler yang berasal dari Yonkers, New York, kemudian Perry dari Hopedale, Massachusetts dan Hamilton dari New London, New Hampshire itu, baru pada 1970, ketiganya memutuskan untuk membentuk band, dan pindah ke Boston, Massachusetts.

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Linkin Park

Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight

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Track List :
1. Wake
2. Given Up
3. Leave Out All The Rest
4. Bleed It Out
5. Shadow Of The Day
6. What I’ve Done
7. Hands Held High
8. No More Sorrow
9. Valentine’s Day
10. In Between
11. In Pieces
12. The Little Things Give You Away

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Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight

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Mika – Life In Motion Cartoon download Apa Aja; mp3, anti virus, lirik lirik, bisa, gratis lagi

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Track list

1. Any Other World

2. Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

3. Billy Brown

4. Grace Kelly

5. Happy Ending

6. Lollipop

7. Love Today

8. My Interpretation

9. Relax, Take It Easy

10. Ring Ring

11. Something Something

12. Stuck In The Middle

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Last week I went to see a man from Beirut with colored threads and big hair, sing songs about fat girls, gay issues and lollipops. Tonight, I think we should do the same.

Mika was born in the middle of the warzone in 1983 (yes, we recognize that it disgusting young), moved to Paris and spent most of his youth in London. What should I know is that it is universally Records great hope for 2007. If you like slice Sisters then you pretty much guaranteed likes this guy and his impressive vocal range. It is high, good looking, very colorful and seems to be the opportunity to voice Fred Markyuri.

His first single for just died in my arms tonight sound-a-like cool, calm was released in the summer and brilliant. In fact, unless you’d album taster for the forthcoming life color Motion, which is intended to be accompaniment to your dinner parties and discos as we would be hard it would peak before we’d even heard the album. Anyway, we can agree with drugarya pop pundit, who secretly leaving Concert of Ronnie Scott’s, declared “Damn, that sounds like the biggest hit in the room.”

Mika sang a song 5 (1 weird one), including the aforementioned cool. Amazing is that all good. Love Today everything goes Beck our asses with Mika chatting away before it becomes a big stomping chorus, Grace Kelly talks about his love of the great screen legend and features the best impression Freddy we heard, Billy Brown is sweet, heartbreaking tale of decent man who gets married, but has a secret gay lover and a giant big girl (You are beautiful) sings about his love of skinnies gap between us and for the final establishment of dancefloor classics. Oh, and strange it? Well, it was a song called lollipop, which would not look out of place if sung by Gwen Stefani along some musical. We tried to forget, but seems to have carved a nagging hole in our brains.

We also very boy because he says things like that

“Once I started to sing as a boy I started to jobs elsewhere. With the help of Russian songs terrifyingly difficult teacher need to be very good at professional gigs. I did everything from recordings with the Royal Opera house for Orbit chewing gum easily memorable melody. will never forget the request for payment of British Airways to get a ticket just to be placed in order to hear your own voice. It was painful 8 minutes. I think the other main reason for receiving so much business I was insanely cheap! My mother and I had no idea what is supposed to be paid, and no one is a hurry to educate us. look back on it, I think 45 liras for Orbit chewing gum jingle could have were a little too cheap. ”

Tee, hee.

Mika plays at Dingwalls in Camden tonight, and Union Chapel incredibly Amy Winehouse On Nov. 24.

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Panic At the Disco

Panic At the Disco

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  1. Build_God,_Then_We’ll_Talk
  2. But_Its_Better_If_You_Do
  3. Camisado
  4. I_Constantly_Thank_God_For_Esteba
  5. I_Write_Sins_Not_Tragedy
  6. Intermission
  7. Karma_Police
  8. London_Beckoned_Song_About_Money
  9. Lying_Is_The_Most_Fun_A_Girl_Can
  10. Nails_For_Breakfast,_Tacks_For_Sn
  11. Only_Diffeerence_Between_Martydro
  12. There’s_A_Good_Reason_These_Table
  13. Time_To_Dance
  14. Introduction
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* Biografi :
Panic At the Disco
Las Vegas, Nevada, AS, 2004
Grup band beraliran emo ini dibentuk di Las Vegas, Nevada, AS sekitar tahun 2004 lalu. Awalnya, Ryan Ross (guitar) dan Spencer Smith (drums) yang sudah akrab sejak kecil berencana membentuk satu grup band. Keduanya lantas merekrut Brent Wilson dan membentuk band yang mereka namakan Summer League.
Setelah sempat berganti formasi, grup ini akhirnya mengambil nama Panic at the Disco dengan formasi Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, dan Brent Wilson.
Album pertama mereka dirilis tahun 2005 dengan judul A FEVER YOU CAN’T SWEAT OUT. Sampai saat ini, album pertama ini sudah terjual lebih dari dua juta copy di seluruh dunia dan berhasil meraih dua platinum album.
Bulan Mei 2006, sang basis, Brent Wilson memutuskan untuk keluar dari band yang membesarkannya ini. Posisi Brent segera digantikan oleh teman lama mereka, Jon Walker.
Akhir Maret kemarin, Panic at the Disco kembali melepas studio album. Album dengan judul PRETTY. ODD. ini sempat bertengger di posisi puncak tangga lagu di Australia. Sementara di AS, album ini harus puas berada di posisi kedua saja.

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The Rasmus

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01. First Day Of My Life
02. In The Shadows
03. Still Standing
04. In My Life
05. Time To Burn
06. Guilty
07. Not Like The Other Girls
08. The One I Love
09. Back In The Picture
10. Funeral Song

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* Lihat Liric The Rasmus

The Rasmus is a Finnish rock band that formed in 1994 in Helsinki while the band members were still in high school.[3] The original band members were Lauri Ylönen (lead singer/songwriter), Eero Heinonen (bass), Pauli Rantasalmi (guitar) and Janne Heiskanen (drums). Heiskanen quit the band in 1998 and was soon replaced by Aki Hakala.

Before releasing their fourth studio album Into (2001), they were simply known as Rasmus, but changed their name to The Rasmus in order to avoid being confused with a Swedish DJ of the same name. They gained international fame with their 2003 album Dead Letters, accompanied with the single “In the Shadows” which reached number 1 in several countries.

The band is one of Finland’s most successful bands with more than 3.5 million sold albums worldwide[citation needed], eight gold awards and five platinum awards.[4] They have released six studio albums, one compilation album and 21 singles. Some of the band’s most famous songs are the singles “Liquid“, “F-F-F-Falling“, “In the Shadows“, “First Day of My Life“, “Funeral Song” , “No Fear” and “Sail Away“. The band has recently announced another album, titled “Black Roses” which will go on sale on 26 September. Notably, production help from Desmond Child and the first single Livin’ in a World Without You will headline the album.

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The Killers


Album Hot Fuss

* Download one by one track list

Track list

1. Jenny Was A Friend of Mine

2. Mr Brightside

3. Smile Like you Mean it

4. Somebody Told Me

5. All These Things That I’ve Done

6. Andy, You’re A Star

7. On Top

8. Indie Rock and Roll

9. Believe Me Natalie

10. Midnight Show

11. Everything Will Be Alright

12. Mr. Brightside (acoustic)

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Album Sam’s Town

* Download one by one track list

Track list

01. Sam’s Town

02. 02. Enterlude

03. When You Were Young

04. Bling (Confession of a King)

05. For Reasons Unknown

06. Read My Mind

07. Uncle Jonny

08. Bones

09. My List

10. This River Is Wild

11. Why Do I Keep Counting

12. Exitlude

13. Where The White Boys Dance (Bonus Track)

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* Biografi :
The Killers adalah band rock asal Las Vegas, Nevada yang dibentuk sekitar tahun 2002 kemarin. Beranggotakan Brandon Flowers (vocal, keyboard), Dave Keuning (guitar, vocal), Mark Stoermer (bass, vocal) dan Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (drum, percussion) grup ini melepas album pertama mereka HOT FUSS tahun 2004 lalu.
Grup ini mengawali karir mereka di dunia musik dari bermain di beberapa club di sekitar Las Vegas. Dari bermain di beberapa club inilah The Killers kemudian bertemu perwakilan Warner Bros. yang kemudian memberikan demo The Killers pada sebuah indie label di Inggris.
Hasilnya, The Killers mendapat kontrak rekaman dari label bernama Lizard King dan mulai penggarapan album pertama mereka. Walaupun album pertama ini sudah berhasil meraih 4 platinum, namun kesuksesan besar mereka adalah saat mereka merilis ulang single Somebody Told Me dan berhasil menduduki posisi ketiga tangga lagu.
Tahun 2006, The Killers kembali merilis album. Kali ini mereka memberi judul album ini SAM’S TOWN. Walaupun dianggap para kritikus musik tak sebagus album pertama, namun nyatanya album ini masih mampu terjual hingga lebih dari 1 juta kopi.
The Killers sempat menjadi Best Rock Group versi MTV Europe Music Award tahun 2006 lalu. Tahun sebelumnya MTV Video Music Award menyebut The Killers sebagai Best New Artist. Tak kurang dari 12 penghargaan sudah diraih The Killers termasuk dari World Music Awards dan BRIT Awards.
Terakhir The Killers melepas satu album kompilasi berjudul SAWDUST di tahun 2007 kemarin.

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